There are plenty of places throughout the state of New York where summertime creates conditions that are ideal for play, relaxing, or enjoying night time activities. But in New York City, the concrete and asphalt combine with the heat to create conditions that are difficult to withstand. Most of the streets in New York City are lined with tall buildings that trap the hot air and make everything worse. As bad as the heat in New York City can get, there are ways people can survive the summer months without worrying about any long-term negative health effects.

Dress Light

There are business suits you can buy that are made from material that is much lighter than standard business suits, and they will serve you well in a New York City heat wave. When it comes to your wardrobe during those hot summer months, you should wear only clothing that is light colored. Any dark colors will absorb the light and make your situation much worse.

Carry Water Wherever You Go

You should never be afraid to drink as much water as you feel you need in a New York City summer, and you should never leave your house or office to go outside without a water bottle in your hand. Cool water always works the best, but even lukewarm water can deliver a certain level of relief when the temperatures top 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid Confined Spaces

The subway can be like a convection oven during the hot months of summer, which means that you should try to find alternative ways to get around when it gets really hot. While your office building is air conditioned, some buildings turn the air conditioning way down in the elevators. During the summer, it would be more comfortable and better for your health in general if you took the stairs.

Don’t Be Shy About Buildings With Air Conditioning

Many of the buildings in New York City that rely on foot traffic to generate revenue gladly turn up their air conditioning during those hot summer months. If you are walking through New York City and cannot stand the heat, then duck into a store or some other inviting building that is more than happy to share its air conditioning with you.

Cool Off By The Water

There are many parts of New York City that are directly exposed to the ocean, and they can be sources of relief during those hot summer days. Even at its hottest, New York City cannot deflect the cool ocean breezes that try to come in an offer relief. While you may have to get a little closer to the ocean during the hottest days to feel its effect, there is plenty of cooling going on by the seaside in New York City.

New York City is referred to as a concrete jungle, and the concrete mixed with asphalt work together to create some pretty hot summers. There are no casual breezes in New York City because of the tall buildings, which can make the city unbearable during the dog days of summer. If you want to survive summers in New York, then you need to learn the tricks that will help you find relief even when the thermometer is topping 100 degrees in the shade.