Although the weather is late to change into fall like temperatures here in Brick Township NJ, the heating season is fast approaching. During the course of the season a lot of the service calls we receive involve Furnaces or boilers that have not cleaned or looked at in years. A good portion of service calls include repairs that should have been taken care of during the maintenance. So here are the reasons why I feel the Brick NJ Furnace Boiler Maintenance should be performed. Needless to say you know the answer to that question.




Taking care of the simple things

It is just like I said above. A lot of service calls could be avoided if the maintenance is performed prior to the season. Granted if the service call is performed on the boiler or furnace in Point Pleasant NJ I guess the overall result is the same except the furnace or boiler is repaired at a cheaper rate. Normally many HVAC service companies through Ocean & Monmouth County NJ will order discounted maintenance specials that run the course of September to roughly november. This service is discounted because the industry is not as busy so it’s a way to drum up work for hvac contractors. Which do you think it’s going to be cheaper, a contractor cleaning a flame sensor on Monday afternoon with a scheduled appt or a Saturday night emergency service call in Howell NJ.

Find the dangerous stuff

So this is part that I really care about. The main reason I feel the maintenance is so important is when their are dangerous situation lurking that have not got the point where Carbon Monoxide Alarms with go off. Furnace Problems happen and they sometimes happen slowly. When I repair a central air during the summer I also take a quick look at the furnace and a small portion of the time I catch a bad situation. Sometimes you catch a heat exchanger on the verge of splitting or the plates that hold them starting to crack. Either way most Carbon Monoxide alarms are not really letting you know until the house is saturated.


So…Check those Furnaces & Boilers

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