When it comes to New Jersey heating and cooling, the summer months can be brutal on your electric bill. Not only do you have all of your large appliances running all day, but you are also going to run your air conditioning for months which can get expensive. Sometimes it helps to utilize a few tricks to get the most out of summer while also keeping your electric bill under control.

Open The Windows

There are long stretches of time during the summer where the temperature at night allows for comfortable sleeping. There are even points where the daytime temperature drops to a level that is very comfortable. When these times happen, you should put the screens on your windows and keep the windows open to let in the cool air. Screens are important for keeping out pests and debris, and turning off your air conditioner to allow air to flow in through your windows will keep your energy costs down.

Buy A Grill

Cooking indoors during the summer heats up the house and causes your air conditioner to work harder. The summer gives you a chance to use an outdoor grill to not only save money on your air conditioning energy costs, but also cut back on your energy bills by not using your stove. Some people grill on the weekends for fun, but the smart people know that grilling all summer long saves money on Staten Island heating and cooling costs.

Use Fans Instead Of Air Conditioning

People have gotten so used to air conditioning that they no longer appreciate the advances made in fan technology. The blade-less fans that are being offered today do an excellent job of circulating air and cooling a room at a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner. When the heat gets about 90 degrees, then it makes sense to run an air conditioner. But when the summer temperatures are a little lower, you can save money by using a fan instead.

Enjoy Your Yard

The reason people lean so much on their air conditioning during the summer is because when the heat is contained within the rooms of your home, it can become more intense and unbearable. But if you set up a hammock or comfortable chair outside and spend time in your yard relaxing instead of relaxing in the house, you can find the outdoor weather to be very soothing. Turn down your air conditioner during the day to save money, and get outside to enjoy the relaxing summer temperatures.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

Your house does not need to be as cool during the day when your family is at work and school as it does in the evening and at night. Buy a programmable thermostat and set your air conditioner to the proper temperatures at various points in the day. If you have pets, then cool off the house enough to keep them comfortable, but not as much as you would need to do for a house full of family members. With a programmable thermostat, you can set up your air conditioner to run at different temperatures at different times of the day to save money.

Summer is a time when energy bills for New Jersey heating and cooling can get out of control. You can get those bills back under control by using some ideas that will reduce your need for energy and still allow you to enjoy the summer.